The topics include, but are not limited to, the following technical areas:

Computational Methods: Integral Equations/Differential Equations

  • Low Frequency/Asymptotic and High Frequency
  • Time Domain/Frequency Domain
  • Parallel and GPU Computations

EM Modeling and Wireless Applications: Small Antennas

  • Wideband and Multiband Antennas
  • Terahertz Antennas
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Printed and Conformal Antennas
  • RFID antennas/systems
  • Space and satellite antennas
  • Antennas with advanced/complex/artificial materials and processes
  • Bio-Electromagnetics
  • Wearable antennas
  • implantable antennas
  • Body channel modeling
  • Radio propagation modeling and channel estimation
  • EMC
  • Wireless communication, power and RF energy harvesting
  • MEMS and MMIC
  • Large-area printing, inkjet printing and 3D printing technology
  • Microwave remote sensing
  • SAR algorithms and systems
  • Inverse scattering
  • Radar techniques

Optimization and Design: Deterministic Methods

  • Stochastic Methods
  • Neural Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
  • Others

Electrical Devices and Power Applications: Electric Machines and Drives

  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Induction Heating
  • Power Electronics Devices
  • Microsystems
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Fusion Machines
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Others